Attabox Polycarb Enclosures Strong Low Cost Polycarb

Attabox Polycarb Enclosures Strong Low Cost Polycarb




Attabox Low Cost Polycarbonate Enclosures rated Type 3R, 4, 4X and 12

Our Polycarbonate Enclosure is the best NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure available today. Features:

  • Flat lid surface for easy HMI / pilot device mounting
  • Latches and hinges do not penetrate enclosure
  • Clear and opaque lids
  • Easy to remove lid
  • High performance inserts
  • Integrated lock hasp
  • Molded in bosses
  • Multi-directional mounting feet
Type 3R, 4, 4X, 12
F1 UV-light
5VA Flammability
UL 1741 Compliant


Cross Reference

Attabox Hoffman Integra Allied Moulded Vynckier Carlon
AH664  A645JFGR H6064S AM664 VJ606W NS664
AH864  A845JFGR H8064S AM864 VJ806W NS864
AH1084  A1086JFGR H10084S AM1086 VJ1006W NS1084
AH12106  A1287JFGR H12106S AM1206 VJ1210W NS14126
AH14126  A14107JFGR H141206S AM1426 VJ1412W NS14126
AH16148  A16128JFGR H161407S AM1648 VJ1461W NS16146
AH181610 A18149JFGR H181610S AM1868 VJ1816W  
AH664 A664CHSCFG H6064H AM664H VJ606HW NJ664
AH864 A864CHSCFG H8064H AM864H VJ806HW NJ864
AH1084 A1086CHSCFG H10084H AM1086H VJ1008HW NJ1084
AH12106 A12106CHSCFG H12106H AM1206H VJ1210HW NJ12106
AH14126 A14128CHSCFG H141206H AM1426H VJ1412HW NJ14126
AH16148 A16148CHSCFG H161407H AM1648H  VJ1614HW NJ16146
AH181610 A181610CHSCFG H181610H AM1868H VJ1816HW  
AH664 A664CHQRFG H6064HLL AM664L  VJ606HWPL1   
AH864 A864CHQRFG H8064HLL AM864L VJ806HWPL1  
AH1084 A1086CHQRFG H10084HLL AM1086L VJ1008HWPL1  
AH12106 A12106CHQRFG H12106HLL AM1206L VJ1210HWPL2  
AH14126 A14128CHQRFG H141206HLL AM1426L VJ1412HWPL2  
AH16148 A16148CHQRFG H161407HLL AM1648L VJ1614HWPL2  
AH181610 A181610CHQRFG H181610HLL  AM1868L VJ1816HWPL2  


Product Compare (0)

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AH10DRK Din Rail Kit
AH12106 Attabox 12x10x6 Type 4X
AH12DRK Din Rail Kit
AH14126 Attabox 14x12x6 Type 4X
AH14DRK Din Rail Kit
AH16148 Attabox 16x14x8 Type 4X
AH16DRK Din Rail Kit
AH181610 Attabox 18x16x10 Type 4X
AH18DRK Din Rail Kit
AH664 Attabox 6x6x4 Type 4X
AH6DRK Din Rail Kit
AH864 Attabox 8x6xx4 Type 4X
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