Simplex Control Panels

Standard Simplex Pump Control

Sequence of Operations:

                The pump is controlled by a Hand-Off-Automatic switch under cover of the door. In the “Hand” position, the pump will start and run continuously until the switch is placed in the “Off” position. Selecting the Automatic position allows the pump to be controlled by         external level control, for example: Float Switches, Pressure switches or Transducers. The pump will start and stop according to the liquid level.

                With the sump rising, the Stop float, FS1, will close. When the liquid level reaches the Start float, FS2, the pump will start and the level will be pumped down to the Stop float level and the pump will stop.


Optional High Water Alarm:

                If the liquid level continues to rise, the High Water Alarm float, FS3, will close and cause the High Water Alarm Light to flash as well as activate the High Water Alarm audible alarm. The audible alarm can be silenced via a switch, under cover of the door. However, the alarm light will continue to flash until the liquid level is below the High Water Alarm float. This resets the alarm circuit.


Note: Selector switches, Run lights etc. can be mounted through the front of the door.

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