Power Supplies IDEC

IDEC switching power supplies are the highest quality on the market and offer the ultimate in performance and reliability. Slim line, standard or metal frame power supplies are available with worldwide approvals, universal input voltage, fused inputs and overload protection.

DIN Rail Mount


• Input voltage: 100 to 240V AC (voltage range: 85 to 264V AC/110 to 350V DC)
• Up to 93% efficiency
• Expansion modules, including 5V and 12V DC converters and branch terminals, increase flexibility and functionality
• Slim, compact housing preserves valuable panel space

PS5R Slim Line

• New 10W, 15W, 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W & 240 models
• Universal Input: 85-264VAC / 100-370VDC
• 120W & 240W meet SEMI F47 Sag Immunity
• UL 1604, Class 1, Div 2 Hazardous Locations (all units)

PS5R Standard

• Single-phase AC input (100 to 240VAC)
• Unique spring-up, IP20 fingersafe terminals (ideal for ring lug terminated wire)
• DIN rail or panel mount

PS5R 3-phase

• Single-phase AC input (100 to 240VAC)
• Three-phase AC input (320 to 575VAC)
• DC compatible input for single-phase models (110 to 350V)
• Unique spring-up, IP20 fingersafe terminals (ideal for ring lug terminated wire)

PS2R AS-interface

• Slim housing style mountable on DIN rails
• Two output ratings: 73W and 145W
• IP20 finger-safe terminals
• Noise standards EN55022, EN61000-6-2 compliant
• IEC62026-2 compliant
Metal Frame


• Compact size
• Universal AC input voltage
• 5, 12 and 24V DC outputs
• Available with mounting brackets for direct or DIN rail mounting
• Overcurrent/Overvoltage protection
• EMC, EN55022 Class B compliant


• Universal input (DC compatible)
• Finger-safe terminals
• Worldwide approvals: UL, CSA, TUV and CE
• Models from 10W to 300W
• Output voltages 5V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC


Product Compare (0)

PS5R-A12 Power Supply 7.5W 12VDC
PS5R-C24 Power Supply 30W 24VDC
PS5R-D24 Power Supply 50W 24VDC
PS5R-E24 Power Supply 100W 24VDC
PS5R-G24 Power Supply 240W 24VDC
PS5R-SB12 Power Supply 15W 12VDC
PS5R-SC12 Power Supply 30W 12VDC
PS5R-SD24 Power Supply 60W 24VDC
PS5R-SF24 Power Supply 120W 24VDC
PS5R-SF24 Power Supply 120W 24VDC
PS5R-SG24 Power Supply 240W 24VDC
PS5R-VA12 Power Supply 7.5W 12VDC
PS5R-VB12 Power Supply 15W 12VDC
PS5R-VB24 Power Supply 15W 24VDC
PS5R-VD24 Power Supply 60W 24VDC
PS5R-VE24 Power Supply 90W 24VDC
PS5R-VF24 Power Supply 120W 24VDC
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