• FLNR035     RK5 Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuse


FLNR Series - UL Class RK5 Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuse 250 Volt

Littelfuse FLNR series fuses have been the superior UL Class RK5 dual-element time-delay fuses, and are the most widely used class of fuses. FLNR series fuses provide excellent protection for all types of circuits especially those containing motors. However, users and specifiers should consider the significant benefits offered by Indicator fuses.


  • Service entrance switches
  • Switchboard main and feeder switches
  • Motor control center mains and motor branch circuits
  • Individual fused combination motor controllers
  • Distribution panelboards
  • Industrial control panels
  • Protection of fully-rated panelboards and loadcenters
  • All general purpose circuits
  Property Value
  Ampere Rating (A) 35
  VDC (V) 125
  VAC (V) 250
  Package Size Industrial Cartridge
  Opening Slo-Blo┬«/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
  Interrupt Rating 20000A@125VDC
  Interrupt Rating 200000A@250VAC





FLNR035 RK5 Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuse

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