• 32391 Mars Delay-on-Make Cube Timer 19-240vac 6sec-8min Dial

32391 Delay on Make,  6secs to 8min, dial adjustment, input voltage 19-240VAC

Easy two-wire installation

Upon application of power , the time delay is initiated. On completion of the set delay period, the load is energized. To reset, remove power.

• Proven reliability, all solid state
• .25 in. quick connect terminals
• Mounts in any position
• Compact size 2"x2"x.75"
• High accuracy
• Totally enclosed and encapsulated for proper heat dissipation


The MARS 32391 is the top-selling timer in the industry.
Its reliability has been proven in the field by knowledgeable
The MARS 32391 will not be fooled by the thermostat
Heavy duty MARS timers are offered for higher current



THIS ITEM CAN FUNCTIONALLY REPLACE: A-1 COMPONENTS EAC-701-ADJ, EAC701, 5879, 706, ARTISAN 438U, 438UP, 438USA, BRAMEC 17641, CLIMATE CONTROL / MCQUAY 282101B-02, 282101B-03, 282101B-06, 282101B-07, 282101B-08, 282101B-14, COLD POINT 88095, DIVERSIFIED AC800, ASC600-3, ASC601-3, DIVERSITECH AC-800-ADM1, ADM-1, WD-8, EDPAC 041146, GEMLINE IC-101, IC-102, IC-103, IC-111, IC-116, IC-117, IC-118, IC-119, IC-120, IC-211, IC-215, IC213, IC310, ICM DMSS21000X, DMSS21000Y, DMSS21000Z, DMZZ99000X, ICM102, ICM105, INFITECH UMS100A, UMS300, INTERSTATE ELECTRIC IETDA, KEEPRITE PRODUCTS LTD TS161300, LENNOX 24C4001, 24C4101, 47A7301, 51A9601, 51A9801, RHEEM 42-22326-01, 42-41542-01-00, ROBERTSHAW 3310-068, SSAC TSU2000A, STEVECO ST-391, 391B, 394, 396, SUPCO TD68, TD69, SYRACUSE HACB8B1, TRANE B128295P01, X13270074-10, X13270381-02, X13270381-1, GRAINGER 4.00E+233, WAGNER WD-8, WASCO EAC-700AU, EAC-701-ADJ, WEIL MCLAIN 510350211, 510350369


A-1 COMPONENTS EAC701, EAC-701-ADJ,706, CLIMATE CONTROL 282101B-02, 282101B-03,282101B-06,282101B-07,282101B-08, 282101B-14, COLDPOINT 88095 DIVERSIFIED AC800, ASC600-3, ASC601-3, DIVERSITECH AC-800-ADM-1,ADM-1,WD-8 EDPAC 041146 GEMLINE IC-101, IC102, IC-103, IC-111, IC-116, IC-117, IC-118, IC-119, IC-120, IC211, IC211/IC215, IC215,IC310, IC310, KEEPRITE PROD TS161300 LENNOX 47A7301, 51A9801, SSAC TSU2000A STEVECO 391B SUPCO TD68, TD69, TRANE X13270381-02, X13270381-1 W.W. GRAINGER 4.00E+233 WEIL MCLAIN 510350211, 510350369,


Timing Function Delay on make, On Delay
Voltage 19-240vac
Mounting Surface,Cube

32391 Mars Delay-on-Make Cube Timer 19-240vac 6sec-8min Dial

  • $38.75

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