• T2K-00060-441 SPDT Single Shot Timer 120vac 11pin


T2 Series

Alternative Timer: RTE-P2AF20N ( See Related Products )

All 11 pin 120VAC T2K series timers can be replaced with this alternate timer.

No Rewiring, Pin for Pin compatible with your existing 120/240VAC T2K timer. Rated load: 3A at 240VAC, 5A at 120VAC.

Type: Timing Relay
Mounting: Plug-In Base
Terminals: 8-Pin Octal
Operation: Single Shot
Contacts: SPDT
Voltage: 240V AC
Amps: 10A
Coil Volts: 120V AC
Timing Range: 0.6 - 60 sec
Timing Adjustment: Knob
Manufacturer Series: T2

Operating Logic: Voltage is applied to the timer at all times. Upon a momentary or maintained closure of a normally open isolated start switch, the output relay coil is energized and the time delay starts. At the end of the preset time delay, the relay coil is de-energized and the timer is ready for a new cycle.

Note: 1) Do not apply voltage or ground to the Start switch, 2) Switch leads should be shielded when running close to other wires (Start switch supplied by customer)

Timing Function Single Shot,One Shot
Voltage 120vac
Mounting 11pin

T2K-00060-441 SPDT Single Shot Timer 120vac 11pin

  • Brand: Ametek NCC
  • Product Code: T2K-00060-441
  • Availability: 1
  • $52.70

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